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I created a free supply list to help keep your supply organized and up to date. Over the course of years of training, I have gathered a comprehensive supply list that I found to hold the most cost-effective supplies. I keep track if another company provides a better cost so you can use this list to quickly reorder supplies and hopefully makes this process easier. If you ever catch a cheaper option that I did not catch, please send me an email and I can change.    

Disclaimer: Remember that there is a number of different type of neurofeedback software programs on the market. Make sure you check the user manual to make sure you will be purchasing the correct items to maximize results. Each system may have a certain specification. I have listed items that I have used personally and what has worked well. 

Electro Cap  

  • Size Large (Blue)
  • Size Medium (Red)
  • Size Small (Yellow)
  • Size X-Small (Green)

*The color can depend on the supplier.

Electro-Cap 3 1/2in DIN Ear Clips 

  • For Lexicor style Electro-caps with ear leads
  • Allows you to connect the ear clips right into the cap
  • Standard 1.5mm DIN plug
  • 2 per pack

Caps usually have tin as their conducting metal. Remember that the metal HAS to match what is used for the caps. Tin electrodes = Tin ear clips. Silver coated sensors = silver coated ear clips.


  • Formulated for the use with Electro-Cap products
  • Ensures low electrode impedance
  • Avoid various types of electrode artifact
  • Use for EEG exams, evoked potential, brain-mapping

Do not use too much gel. The size of the area of gel becomes the effective size of the electrode. This can reduce inter-electrode distances and compromise the exam. Place a small amount of gel into a clean container. Fill the blunt tip syringe, and inject the gel into each of the recording electrodes. Do not fill the syringe directly from the jar of gel. If there is no hair at the electrode site, place a sponge disc around the electrode. When finished recording, gel may be removed from the scalp with mild soap and warm water, and from the cap and electrodes with Ivory brand liquid detergent and warm water.

Disposable Sponge Disks for Electro-Caps

  • Foam sponge circles with adhesive backing
  • Keeps gel from spreading between electrodes
  • Absorbs perspiration
  • 100 per package
  • Allows for easy application of conductive gel
  • 16g sterile blunted needles
  • For use with 5cc syringe
  • 100 needles per pack


20CC/20ML Syringes for Blunted Needles

  • Allows for easy application of conductive gel
  • 20cc sterile syringe
  • For use with blunted needles

10/20 BraiNet Placement Caps

No need to measure and mark electrode positions
  • Color-coded template with 21 electrode locations
  • Rapid, accurate setup of 10/20 system placement
  • Available in XS, S, M, L


Ear Clips

These are gold flat ear clips at 48 in length. These are the types I prefer to use due to they are easier to clean.

Always have a back-up set. 

Sensors, Electrodes & Ear Clips.. Oh My!

This site offers Gold, Tin and Silver electrodes. I prefer gold flat electrodes due to they are easier to clean. They offer flat and cup electrodes. Make sure you use the correct electrodes with what the software recommends and the metals match with the ear clips. Also, I always order the longest length – 48in. There is nothing worse than feeling trapped with cords and they don’t provide much wiggle room. 

Make sure you have an extra set – just in case. 

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10-20 Paste


Cotton Balls – 3 Pack

*Check out my post on the benefit of using cotton balls!

Free Supply List!

Essential Oils – Find 100% Pure Therapeutic Grade Quality  (DoTerra) – Usually you will want to use a roller blend that has a carrier oil or if you have a pure blend to use coconut oil or another carrier oil mixed with 1-2 drops on the base of the next and the foot for certain oils. Follow the descriptions below for more information. You will need a Diffuser in the room – I prefer one that has a timer and a light that can be turned off/on if needed. I have one listed below but anyone will do. 

The  oils listed for Training Blends are used prior (15min) to every session to get the full benefits of the oils and maximize the results of the training session: Check out this video to learn more on how Essential Oils work to enhance sessions.

You can go through a Wellness advisor through DoTerra, I found that Amazon has better prices but to each their own. 

The Petal Diffuser works well and has a decent sized basin with a timer as an option.

Training Blends

Calming Anxious Client

Wake client’s up – Depressed Clients:

Traumatic Brain Injury – Oils that work well with these type of client’s

Focus and Concentration Clients – ADHD Cleitns

      • In Tune – Focus Blend
      • Vetiver – Helps to promote Sleep
      • Cedarwood – Overall brain health, anxiety and focus